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Dortmund Group

Selected publications

S. Engell and I. Harjunkoski: Optimal Operation: Scheduling, Advanced Control, and their Integration. Plenary Lecture, AIChE Symposium on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Operations, Savannah, 2012. Computers & Chemical Engineering, Article in Press, 2012.

T. F. Finkler, M. Kawohl, U. Piechottka, S. Engell: Realization of Online Optimizing Control in an Industrial Polymerization Reactor, Preprints of the 8th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, Singapore, 2012, 11-18.

S. Lucia, T. Finkler, D. Basak, S. Engell, A new Robust NMPC Scheme and its Application to a Semi-batch Reactor Example, Preprints of the 8th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, Singapore, 2012, 69-74.

E. Idris, S. Engell: Real-Time Optimizing Nonlinear Control Applied to a Continuous Reactive Distillation Process. Proc. 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, 2011, 4892-4897.
S. Engell. Online optimizing control: The link between plant economics and process control. Keynote Lecture, 10th International Conference on Process Systems Engineering, Salvador da Bahia, 2009. In: Computer-aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 27. Elsevier, 2009, 79 – 86.

A. Küpper, M. Diehl, J. Schlöder, H.-G. Bock, S. Engell: Efficient Moving Horizon State and Parameter Estimation for SMB Processes. Journal of Process Control 19, 2009, 785 802.

A. Küpper and S. Engell: Engineering of Online Optimizing Control - A Case Study: Reactive SMB Chro-matography. Proc. 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul, 2008, 964 969.

C. Sonntag, H. Ding, S. Engell: Supervisory Control of a Solar Air Conditioning Plant with Hybrid Dynamics. European Journal of Control 14, 2008, 451 463.

C. Sonntag, W. Su, O. Stursberg, S. Engell.: Optimized Start-Up Control of an Industrial-Scale Evaporation System with Hybrid Dynamics. Control Engineering Practice (Special Issue on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems) 16, 2008, 976 990.

A. Toumi, S. Engell, M. Diehl, H.G. Bock, J. Schlöder: Efficient Optimization of Simulated Moving Bed Processes. Chemical Engineering and Processing 46, 2007, 1067 1084.

M. Rajabi-Hamane, S. Engell: Time Optimal Production of a Specified Particle Size Distribution in Emulsion Polymerization. Chemical Engineering Science 62, 2007, 5282 5289

S. Engell: Feedback Control for Optimal Process Operation. Journal of Process Control 17, 2007, 203 219.

M. Völker, C. Sonntag, S. Engell: Control of Integrated Processes: a Case Study on Reactive Distillation in a Medium-scale Pilot Plant. Control Engineering Practice 15, Special Issue on Award Winning Applications from the 2005 IFAC World Congress, 2007, 863 881.

S. Arora, R. Gesthuisen, S. Engell: Model Based Operation of Emulsion Polymerization Reactors with Evaporative Cooling: Application to Vinyl Acetate Homopolymerization. Computers & Chemical Engineering 2007, 552 564.

R. Gesthuisen, S. Krämer, S. Engell: A Hierarchical Control Scheme for Time Optimal Operation of Semi-batch Emulsion Polymerizations. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 43, 2004, 7410 7427.

A. Toumi and S. Engell: Optimization-based Control of a Reactive Simulated Moving Bed Process for Glucose Isomerization. Chemical Engineering Science 59, 2004, 3777 3792.

Edited books

Logistics of Chemical Production Processes. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2008.

Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Hybrid Systems. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 279 (S. Engell, G. Frehse, and E. Schnieder, Eds.), Springer, Berlin, 2002.

Selected invited presentations

Online Optimizing Control: The Link between Plant Economics and Process Control. 10th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering, Salvador, Brazil, 2009 (Keynote).

Online optimizing control: The link between plant economics and process control. International Conference Process Control 09, High Tatras, Slovak Republic, 2009 (Plenary).

Uncertainty, decomposition and feedback in batch production scheduling. 19th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Cracow, Poland, 2009 (Keynote).

Bayer Lecture in Process Systems Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 2008.

Feedback control for optimal process operation. IFAC International Symposium Advanced Control of Chemical Processes (ADCHEM), Gramado, Brazil, 2006 (Plenary).

Optimization-based design of reaction-separation systems (with Guido Sand and Sabine Barkmann). Int. Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, Hanoi, 2006 (Plenary).

Optimization and control of chromatography (with Abdelaziz Toumi). 14th European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engingeering, Lisboa, Portugal, 2004 (Keynote).